Decorative Objects


Ammonite group

This very aesthetic showpiece impresses with its one of a kind preparation of even the flanges of the ammonite shell. This museum quality fossil is a Lytoceras fimbriatum et al. from the Jurassic sedimentation of Eype/England for a sophisticated home decoration.


Iridescent ammonite

Ammolite, from fossilized ammonites like this Placenticeras is one of three of the world's organic gems, and extremely rare. The iridescent fossil, displayed in the original dark shale matrix is a perfect centerpiece in luxurious homes.


Ammonite with stand

Large ammonite with a beautifully polished finish, to reveal the fern-like patterns of the suture lines. This extremely rare Pachydiscus catarinae with its lovely warm shades of cream and chocolate brown, comes with a custom made metal stand.


Large Ammonite with stand

rare in this size and natural color, this massive Lytoceras ammonite sports an incredible original preserved golden brown shell. The pure size of the ammonite makes it to an eye-catching object, radiating a sense of calm.

mammoth tusks

Pair of mammoth tusks

As luxury fossil decoration is this pair of tusks, mounted a wonderful accent in homes with a sense for nature. The fact that these giants possibly met one of our ancestors during the last Ice Age makes it to a unique bridge to our past.

dinosaur cast

Tyrannosaur Skull Cast

This very appealing example of dinosaur decoration emphasise your interior. The skull is a perfect 1:1 cast of the original skull and in highest museum quality. This large skull of a Jurassic meateater is mounted on a heavy metal base.