Gemstone Creations

crystal bowl

Rock crystal clarinet

This world unique playable clarinet is made from purest rock crystal. The patented musical instrument has 18k gilded walves and is decorated with 551 brilliants. It is a true masterpiece of lapidary art, made in the German Idar-Oberstein by an famous artist.


Rock crystal panpipe

This musical instrument is a playable C-tuned pan pipe. Its 20 pipes are made of clearest rock crystal and 18k gold, decorated with citrine, lapis lazuli and sapphire. This perfect work of a renowned gem carving artist is a world unique piece of lapidary art!

Gemstone egg

Gemstone egg

This masterpiece of a Faberge-like egg is the biggest of its kind in the world. Designed by an world famous artist, it is handmade and has about 150000 facettes. The gem object is decorated with brilliants and gem stones, mounted with gold. Read the details here.