Wall Decoration


Very large fossil fish

This unusual large fossil ganoid fish from the famous Solnhofen limestone layers was prepared in a-grade museum quality, complete documentation is with, and is in its beauty and size a perfect wall decoration for a luxury home.


Marine reptile

Juvenile ichthyosaur with superb preservation on the dark slate matrix of the renowned quarries of Holzmaden in Southern Germany. The preparation of this specimen is highest museum's standard and fits both in classic and modern interior.


Iridescent ammonite

Ammolite, from fossilized ammonites like this Placenticeras is one of three of the world's organic gems, and extremely rare. The iridescent fossil, displayed in the original dark shale matrix is a perfect centerpiece in luxurious homes.


complete Crinoid Colony

This is an outstanding preparated complete colony of pyritized golden crionoids on driftwood, still in the original dark grey shale matrix, from the renowned source Holzmaden. An unique piece in museum quality, suitable for office and representative homes.


Large Fish Mural

Diplomystus dentatus and 5 Knightia eocena gathered with a piece of driftwood in a dreamlike picture of the eocene sea life, 50 million years ago. The natural combination of the fossil remains create a unique atmosphere with decent colors.